I’m Back!

Ok so I lied. Not intentionally of course, but at the end of my last post I did promise to continue to update my blog regularly and all I can say is that I clearly haven’t. I think posting every day throughout November scarred me. Not only did I not want to write about food for a while I didn’t even want to eat it, cook it or think about it! Poor N, he has been surviving on bread and water since the end of last year. Well clearly not, but I have to say my cooking hasn’t been all that adventurous. 
Now of course I have a whole host of excuses to explain my prolonged absence but i won’t bore you with them all. But, it has been 9 months since my last post which is a really long time. In fact it’s long enough to have a baby. And that’s precisely what I did. May I welcome the newest addition to accidental cook family…Seagull (SG). That refers to both the sound he makes and the little ‘presents’ he leaves for me to clear up! He joins my toddler CM (cheeky monkey) in a house full of chaos and culinary experimentation.
So back to business. Adventures of an Accidental Cook is back. And this time it’s bigger, bolder and brighter (well the blog background is anyway)! And this time I’ve also learnt my lesson. I’m not going to do anything crazy like post every day but I will promise to post more than once every 9 months! In fact I will post every week. By the end of every Thursday there will be a new post. I’m not promising they will be long and detailed with elaborate recipes but they will be food related and they will be regular.
So see you next Thursday!

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