Prawn, Serrano and Chilli Tapas

I hate Mondays. I find them far too stressful. I think it’s the jolt back down to earth after having a lazy unscheduled weekend where I can often sneak a cup of tea in bed in the morning (it’s amazing how such a small thing can make me so happy) and I don’t have to be out of the house at 7.05am on the dot after dressing two tired and crabby children. But at 5.45am on Monday when my alarm goes off my heart sinks. It’s not because I dread work, in fact I actually love it. I even enjoy my ridiculously long commute because I get to snooze catch up on the papers. But it’s just the trauma of getting out of the house and rushing for the tube and worst of all crawling back in the house at almost 7pm with 2 tired and crabby children (they have done a full circle by then) and realising I still have to get everyone fed and to bed, make dinner and worst of all still put the bins out! Yes I know it’s just me that hates bin day. I’ve discussed it at length with my neighbours, via WhatsApp and in person, and they really don’t find it a big deal. So it’s these Monday nights where I need a 15 minute meal. We often have eggs. N claims he loves them, I suspect he doesn’t want to put me to trouble after a long day at work. But even for an addict like me eggs can become mundane and feel unsatisfying. I conjured up this dish on my walk home from the station. It really was a 15 minute meal, in fact it could have been a 10 minute meal if I’d remembered to stock up on frozen chopped onion and garlic. The most important thing to remember is to make sure you add the ham right at the end once you have turned off the heat. If you cook the ham it ruins it. I learnt the hard way. Sorry N!
APPP (see About page): £4.50 per person

Prawn, Serrano and Chilli Tapas (serves 2 | total prep and cooking time 15 mins)

image1 (1)


  • 2-3 cloves of garlic – finely chopped
  • red chilli (to taste) – finely chopped
  • 220g cooked king prawns
  • 90g Serrano ham – chopped
  • 150g cherry tomatoes (halved)
  • 1 tablespoon chopped fresh or frozen parsley
  • squeeze of fresh lemon juice
  • black pepper


  • Heat some olive oil in a frying or saute pan
  • Add the garlic and chilli and cook for an few minutes until they soften and aromas are released
  • Add the prawn and tomatoes and stir. Cook for a few minutes until the tomatoes soften and the juice starts to separate
  • Add the parsley and lemon juice and stir
  • Take off the heat and stir through the chopped Serrano ham
  • Season with cracked black pepper and serve with crusty bread or fresh French baguette


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