Christmas Cupcakes

xmas cupcakes.JPG

I am an absolute sucker for Christmas. I have no idea why or when it started, but it’s definitely increased since I’ve had children, but to be fair I think that’s just an excuse to go all out. I agree it is overhyped and over commercialised but I love the build up and all the glamour and sparkle and frankly it’s nice to just have the excuse to indulge and spoil yourself. N thinks it’s bonkers (but I secretly know that he actually finds it quite endearing) that I wear Christmas socks and have Rudolf earrings and my Spotify Christmas playlist is on overdrive throughout December. Every evening I make a small glass of mulled wine and drink it with a mince pie or a Cadbury’s tree chocolate while watching a cheesy Christmas movie or writing cards and wrapping presents. But best of all it’s a good chance to do a bit of festive baking. This year I tried some Christmas cupcakes. I would have loved to make them with a traditional Christmas cake recipe of dried fruit but I know everyone would have turned their noses up at it so instead they are vanilla sponge, jam and icing because after all that’s all kids actually want to eat!

I used my favourite fool-proof Hummingbird Bakery cupcake recipe and made a hole filled with strawberry jam in the centre of each cake, making sure I brushed a little of the jam on the surface of each cake to make the icing stick. Then I rolled out some ready-to-roll fondant icing and let CM go crazy with the Christmas cookie cutters, sprinkles and edible glitter spray. They were pretty fab and a really good test run for making my first ever celebration cake which I plan to do in a couple of weeks. So watch this space….

In the meantime I would just like to wish you all A Very Merry Christmas filled with fabulous festive food and lots of happy memories!



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