Hello! Welcome to the accidental cook. This blog is about what food means to me.

My name is Preeti and I live in London with my husband, referred to (affectionately!) as N and my 2 children, lovingly called cheeky monkey (CM) and sea gull (SG). I cook most days. It’s not always elaborate, sometimes it could be healthier and I often cut corners. But it’s always fresh and made from good quality ingredients and most importantly it’s always cooked with love. One of my biggest parenting aims is to make sure my family have a healthy relationship with food.  I want my children to love food. I always vowed I would never say the words ‘if you don’t eat your dinner you can’t have your pudding’ but yet I hear myself say them on a weekly basis. As any parent will tell you that sometimes it’s the only way. So all I can do is try my best to show them my passion for food and cooking and hope it’s infectious.

So here you will find recipes, food trends, eating out, and whatever else takes my fancy. I love food and I love writing, but I just want to clarify that I’m by no means claiming to be an expert cook. Some things work, and some things don’t. Some dishes look great, others not so much! But it’s all about eating good food and enjoying it. So join me in my celebration of food in all its glory. I hope you enjoy the journey…

Also, remember to check out the APPP! APPP stands for approximate price per person. I don’t cook to a budget because I believe that, as long as you can afford to, food is way too important to skimp on. But I do think it’s important to be aware of what you are spending. That way you can balance your meals over the week, sometimes splurging on a great steak and other times making a vegetable chilli using cost-effective canned beans and store cupboard staples. The APPP will help you do this. Please note the cost is approximate. I have calculated it using mid-range ingredients from a mid-range supermarket based on a meal cooked for 2-4 people.





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