Celebration Cake

A few weeks ago I made my first ever celebration cake. People do these every day so I know it’s not a big deal, but it was a real baking milestone for me. It’s something I had always thought I’d like to do but had been putting it off out of fear and sheer laziness….

Rock cakesĀ 

I have recently been reacquainted with rock cakes. The humble tea-time treat which, along with chocolate rice crispie/cornflake cakes and fairy cakes, really are the epitome of childhood baking. CM’s two favourite things are baking and painting. Both of which require a significant amount of prep, make a lot of mess and requires mummy’s assistance….

Chocolate cake with a difference

Yesterday I made a special chocolate cake. And no before you ask it wasn’t an Amsterdam-style special chocolate cake! I’ve never been a big baker, I dabble in the odd biscuit or muffin but that’s about the extent of it. But cake are big at the moment. Having young children means you spend a lot…